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Paying for College

Saving for college

Annual tuition, living expenses, and other fees can often reach well above $20,000 for an in-state student. The cost can move significantly higher for out of state students and private colleges. When tuition is due, paying such amounts can be staggering to those who did not follow an effective college savings plan. We are here to help you develop a college savings plan that is personalized for your individual circumstances and needs.

Managing education costs - your “Expected Family Contribution”

Expected Family Contribution is the estimated amount of college expenses that you are expected to pay after adjusting for any financial assistance that you might receive. Developing a strategy to manage your “EFC” can play an important role in both managing and preserving your wealth. There are many factors that affect EFC. A strategy that might help one household might have the potential to cause financial harm to another. Click here for an example of a mismanaged strategy. Steve Ciaccio, Certified Public Accountant, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is here to help you develop a plan designed with a goal to avoid unnecessary fees and to help you manage your wealth in a manner that is beneficial to you. Call today for a personal consultation.

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